Puppy Shopping

Should you be shopping for a puppy or a breeder?

Definitely shopping for a breeder, an experienced, informed and committed breeder can make all the difference in the world when it comes to bringing home your dream puppy.

There are a few things top notch, ethical breeders do that will prepare your puppy for it’s best life.

Brood Stock Selection

Nutrition, Supplements & Veterinary Care

Early Neurological Stimulation

Early Socialization

Foundational Training

Compare this list to a puppy that is out of parents that are not conformationally correct or physically sound, is born from parents that don’t receive optimal nutrition, exercise or veterinary care. Is raised in a barn or garage away from people, household noises, and other pets. The life of this puppy could be a disaster.

Breeders have incredible power when it comes to shaping the life of your puppy, find a great breeder, give them a deposit, get on the waiting list and wait patiently for a puppy, it is worth it.

Shop for a breeder not a puppy.

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