Frequently Asked Questions About the Temporary Puppy Papers

#1 I have a paper from the breeder, what do I do next?

All of the instructions are on the puppy paper, read it carefully.

Fill it out, scan it or take a picture of it with your cell phone and attach the scan or photo to an email to us.

Our email address is on the temporary puppy paper.

Don’t forget to attach a photo of your new puppy, we prefer a standing profile of your puppy with it’s head turned toward the camera.

#2 I don’t have a credit card, how can I pay?

You can use this link.

#3 What is the breeder’s prefix and does it have to be at the front of my new puppy’s name?

The breeder’s prefix is a short form of your breeder’s kennel name and yes, the OBBA keeps the breeder’s prefix at the beginning of every puppy’s name that the breeder produces. We do this to ensure that a breeder gets credit for the puppies that they produce. You can add your surname to the end if you like.

If you are a breeder it is customary to add @ YOUR KENNEL NAME to the end of your new puppy’s OBBA registered name.

#4 Will you send me hard copies of my registration certificate and pedigrees in the mail.

No, we will send you PDF files, if you desire a hard copy you may print the PDF file. Many people like to take their printouts to an OFFICE DEPOT and have them laminated, they can print them for you too if you do not have a quality printer.

#5 I lost my temporary puppy paper, what do I do?

You will have to contact your breeder, hopefully they kept track of which puppy paper they gave to each customer and they can quickly and easily send you another copy by email.

#6 Do I have to send in a photo of my puppy?

Yes, we will not complete the transfer of ownership without a photo.

#7 This says NON BREEDING, I thought I had breeding rights with my puppy.

All of the puppies are registered as non breeding, we do this to control the breeding rights, if a breeder does not want a puppy buyer to have breeding rights they can’t take the paper to another registry and register it with breeding rights. We can easily change the NON BREEDING to FULL BREEDING RIGHTS in the database and on your documents, we just need written confirmation from the breeder.

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