Litter Registration

Why register your litter?

Many reasons, higher sale price, a puppy buyer is happy to pay more money for a puppy with papers than a puppy without papers.

Maximizing the value of your puppies is critical to the efficiency and quality of your kennel. Click here for more information.

Litter registration allows us to keep a pedigree database, research into your pedigrees can be helpful if you are trying to achieve a certain type or colour or steer clear of health problems.

Maintaining a database is imperative in order to avoid in-breeding and the problems that come with it.

Litter Registration is also an opportunity to serve your puppy buyers, you can give them temporary puppy papers like every other breeder or you can offer them completed registration certificates, pedigrees and photos pedigrees. Even more impressive if you print and laminate and present the certificates and pedigrees to them on Puppy Pick Up Day.

No Frills Package $50

Gold Package $40/puppy or $30/puppy if your Kennel is OBBA registered.

Kennel Registration Form

No Frills Package consists of a temporary puppy paper for each pup in the litter. The breeder gives each puppy buyer a temporary puppy paper and the puppy buyer contacts us directly to transfer the ownership into their own name. They submit a photo of the puppy, the new name of the puppy and their contact information (name, address, email address, phone number). The puppy buyer pays a fee of $55usd to transfer the ownership into their name and receive a registration certificate, pedigree and photo pedigree.

Puppy buyers are notorious for losing these temporary puppy papers and have to contact the breeder later for a replacement or they never get around to transferring the puppy into their own names and all of the benefits of owning a registered dog are gone.

Gold Package consists of a registration certificate, a 5 generation pedigree and a photo pedigree for each puppy in the name of the new puppy buyer.

The more you do for your puppy buyers, starting with a healthy, properly socialized puppy the more testimonials, referrals and repeat business you will get.

Click Here for No Frills Litter Registration

OBBA Registered Kennels Click Here for Gold Litter Registration

Unregistered Kennels Click here for Gold Litter Registration