Kennel Registration

Kennel Registration should be an important part of your kennel marketing strategy, it gives you credibility as well as the all important back link.

Requirements for OBBA Kennel Registration are as follows, Kennel must have at least 2 OBBA registered litters, Kennel must have a website or FaceBook page that shows brood stock and available puppies, Kennel must submit 3 puppy customer testimonials.

Benefits of OBBA Kennel Registration

OBBA Registered Kennels are listed on our website. (critical when a new customer is trying to determine if you are a real kennel or an internet scammer)

OBBA Registered Kennels are built a page as part of our website to assist with local search, the page is titled Olde English Bulldogge Puppies For Sale In Your City, State. The listing will include links to all of your social channels and website.

OBBA Registered Kennels get a 40% discount on Silver, Gold & Platinum Litter Registration Packages.

OBBA Registered Kennels may add their stud dogs to the OBBA Stud Dog Album on our FaceBook Page, NO CHARGE.

OBBA Registered Kennels are invited to join our private mastermind group on FaceBook for kennel marketing ideas and discussion.

OBBA Registered Kennels get a complimentary 1 Hour FaceBook Page critique and suggestion discussion.

OBBA Registered Kennels are not charged a late fee for registration of their keepers.

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