The OBBA is the ONLY Registry that offers SAME DAY registration!

If your application is received complete, (supporting documents, photo & fee) before 10am EST Monday to Thursday your certificate and pedigrees will be emailed back to you that day.

Temporary Puppy Papers

If your breeder gave you an OBBA temporary puppy paper, please read it carefully and follow the directions on the paper. If you have questions, email us, the email address is on the temporary puppy paper.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the temporary puppy paper.

OBBA Dual Registration for Olde English Bulldogges registered with the IOEBA, ABKC or the CKC. Click here for more information.

OBBA Litter Registration for puppies out of OBBA registered parents. Click here for more information.

OBBA Kennel Registration. Click here for more information.

We highly recommend the Elite Breeder Program to teach you how to develop an ethical, respectable, profitable kennel. Click here for more information.